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Command line

Run a pipeline

From local config

investigraph run -c ./path/to/config.yml

From a prefect block

investigraph run -b github/my-datasets -d <dataset>


Where to output dataset metadata:

--index-uri <uri>

Where to output entities:

--entities-uri <uri>

Where to output (intermediate) entity fragments:

--fragments-uri <uri>

Disable aggregation:


Adjust chunk size (default: 1000)

--chunk-size 10000

Add a prefect block

See documentation

local filesystem

investigraph add-block -b local-file-system/<block-name> -u ./path/to/datasets


investigraph add-block -b github/<block-name> -u<user|organization>/<repo>.git

Build deployment

See documentation

prefect deployment build investigraph.pipeline:run -n investigraph-local --apply

Inspect dataset configurations

See tutorial

investigraph inspect ./path/to/config.yml

investigraph inspect ./path/to/config.yml --extract

investigraph inspect ./path/to/config.yml --transform

Build a catalog

Build a catalog from datasets metadata and write it to anywhere from stdout (default) to any uri fsspec can handle, e.g.:

investigraph build-catalog catalog.yml -u s3://mybucket/catalog.json

Reset local prefect data

This will purge everything in PREFECT_HOME

investigraph reset