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0.3.3 (2023-11-12)

  • Upgrade dependencies

0.3.2 (2023-10-03)

  • Upgrade dependencies

0.3.0 (2023-08-01)

0.2.5 (2023-07-24)

  • Fix read_json for already opened str/bytes stream handler

0.2.4 (2023-07-19)

0.2.0 (2023-07-14) BREAKING CHANGES

This tool was archived, but now re-activated to be used as a plugin in investigraph.

Therefore all the data fetching & storing logic is dropped from this library, only the core functionality of specifying and executing pandas.DataFrame transform operations via a yaml specification.

Refer to the of the current version to see what this library (still) can do and what not.

Prior changelog (2020)

These changes survived in the archived master branch


  • Add url_replace feature for dynamically url rewriting


  • Add option to resample paginated sources by download date format
  • Small bugfixes


  • Add pagination by offset logic
  • Allow lambda functions as strings in yaml for column transformation and df operations
  • Add option in yaml to set cache header for google cloud storage blobs
  • Small bugfixes


  • first release with basic functionality