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A data point with defined properties and optional references to other entities. Typical entities are a Person, a Company or a Payment.

Example of three different entities: 1. a person with a name and date of birth, 2. a company with a location and date of incorporation, and 3. the description of the connection of this person and company: "Directorship" with a start and end date.

investigraph uses Follow The Money as the underlaying model and technology to deal with entities.

Entities belong to one or more datasets, described via their dataset property.


Entities are often expressed as snippets of JSON, with three standard fields: a unique id, a specification of the type of the entity called schema, and a set of properties. properties are multi-valued and values are always strings.

  "id": "1b38214f88d139897bbd13eabde464043d84bbf9",
  "schema": "Person",
  "properties": {
    "name": ["John Doe"],
    "nationality": ["us", "au"],
    "birthDate": ["1982"]
  "dataset": ["default"]

Read more about it in the Follow The Money introduction